Center for Bone and Joint Health

Pain in the bones and joints can interfere with almost all aspects of life. Mobility is critical to enjoying family, staying active and performing day-to-day tasks. The Center for Bone and Joint Health is committed to all aspects of bone and joint care with the goal of restoring your quality of life as quickly as possible.


The Circle of Care refers to the coordinated, comprehensive services that The Center for Bone and Joint Health offers to patients. Program Coordinator Nancy Miller can guide you through all of your options and help coordinate these services.


What makes Hunterdon Medical Center’s approach unique?

The Center for Bone and Joint Health offers a comprehensive approach that revolves around health and wellness. The Center offers preventive therapies, nutrition counseling and a full spectrum of non-invasive treatments that may completely eliminate the need for surgical options. But if surgery is ultimately needed, the Center’s wellness approach gets you back to a normal quality of life weeks sooner than with traditional options.



Patient Stories

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